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$23 per pie
$30 per pie for gluten free crust

About our Quiche:

Each of our quiche is hand crafted beginning with the crust.  Each crust takes approximately 40 minutes before we begin to fill it with cage free eggs, cream and cheese along with the following fillings.  Creating a delicious Quiche for you from start to finish.

Denver Omelet:
Ham, bell peppers, onions Dijon, Himalayan pink salt, black pepper.

Chili Relleno: (Vegetarian)
Lots of Hatch green chilies, flour, dry mustard, Himalayan pink salt.

Jalapeno Popper
Fresh Jalapenos, sausage, bacon and cream cheese, Himalayan pink salt & pepper.

Chorizo sausage, black beans, corn, green chilies and diced potato.

Bacon, Spinach, Mushroom:
Baby Portabellas, fresh spinach, sautéed onions, fresh garlic, Himalayan pink salt and black pepper.

Apple, Bacon, Cheddar
Granny Smith apple slices, Sharp cheddar cheese, bacon and a hint of sauteed onions and garlic.

Lots of bacon, caramelized onion, black pepper.

Quiche Lorraine:

Bacon, gruyere cheese, nutmeg, fresh chives, nutmeg, kosher salt

Sweet Italian sausage, Parmesan, dry cottage cheese, fresh tomatoes, sweet basil, seasonings.

Pepperoni Pizza
Provolone, mozzerela, parmesean, thinly sliced pepperoni, dried basil, fresh garlic, white pepper.

Spinach Artichoke:     (Vegetarian)
Fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, sautéed onion, fresh garlic, Himalayan pink salt and black pepper.

Zucchini Potato:    ( Vegetarian)
Fresh zucchini, potato, leek, nutmeg, Himalayan pink salt and black pepper.

Tomato Capresse:   (Vegetarian)
Mozzarella, Provolone cheese, fresh tomatoes, fresh sweet basil, Himalayan pink salt and black pepper.

Broccoli Cheddar:    (Vegetarian)
Fresh Broccoli, onions, extra virgin olive oil, Himalayan pink salt and black pepper.

Smoked Salmon:   $30
Smoked salmon, fresh asparagus, red onion sugared, capers, Dijon, Himalayan pink salt.

All the above quiche can be made crustless for a gluten free option.
They can also be made with a gluten free crust at $30 each.

Orders placed before 9am on Thursday will be delivered on Friday


Gluten Free Quiche:


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Virginia Woolf

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